Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Monstah set a notch at Intan's house

look at these crazy lil' faces.. aren't they cute? hehehe... don't pay ur pity.. they're real monster.. hehe.. 19th sept meet intan BLM at her nest in err.. somethg sounds like bakri in muar.. dunno la that place.. full of cemeteries.. don't ever trying to go there.. i swear it's fucking scary.. :P

oh.. handsome boy was there.. see.. eh? pic intan mane? never mind.. die tak suke bergambar.. :P


✿ Cik Cimi said...

yes yes!
fuckin scary!!

eh eh since bile intan tasuke bergambar ye.

bukudiarysofea said...

ade antenna panjang2 !!

Nurul chumel said...

bukan pjg2 la sara..tinggi2..hahah!!~

bukudiarysofea said...

oh maii... silap. wahahha