Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh My Beautiful Little Monsters

just yet i saw u walk alone.. u told me that u ain't got a friend.. with cute little smile i knew how did u feel.. really sure i wanna fill the emptiness.. i can be a friend and a lots more and how much fun do u want.. if u don't have nobody, i'm here glad to be your buddy.. :)

last night u feeling down.. u drop your tears and u told me u gonna to cry without any reason.. maybe something real hurt was hit your heart.. i understood.. just let me wipe it and take my shoulder if these could bring back your smile.. monstah must be strong enough and ganaz.. :)

u always strong fight your depressing off of your head.. u appear a smile all the moment u through.. this world is full of surprises and wait for your exploration.. don't ever give up on it babe.. i knew u could.. :)

i hope my existing in your life would be useful and could bring full of joys... hehe.. u say it.. :D



✿ Cik Cimi said...

thx heidi.
but not strong enough inside.
strong enough outside.

bukudiarysofea said...

thanx daddy.
i dont mind at ol..
feel free 2 fill the emptiness.

intanurulfateha said...

thanks a lot

Nurul chumel said...

... :(

♥ Xett Hereen ♥ said...

mana nama aku ek?

mana ek?
ouh xde.
maaf, tak nampak~~~~

hamzah ian said...

bagus ada kawan2 mcm ni.. gud2..

tiha said...

really love those word u say to your was nice