Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Dear BLM

special dedication for all BLM members.

Hello guys!
firsgt thing first, thanks heidi sbb invite i to contribute in this blog. 2ndly, sorry for no update from me up till now. I'm a bad blogger, kan? blog sendiri pun malas berupdate, how to handle 2 blog at a time. phewww (-_-") after all, u guys are rock sbb sentiasa menceriakan blog ni with ur super cute updates. i'm happy to read every single entry here. so please keep the enties coming ok guys!

ok, feeling a lil bit awkward right now since i have been used to blog in english nowadays. the last time i blog in malay was months ago (in my old blog: Alam Maya Saya). Frankly said, I choose to blog in English bkn sbb nak feeling2 omputih ke apa. I need to improve my own language and writing skill which is very poorrr. so please, please, never set in ur mind yg i ni mcm poyos ke apa eh :') haha.

I rasa most of u gus IPTA students are currently struggling with test and assignment kan? So, I'm wishing best of luck to all of u ya! As for me, I sedang bercuti for 2 weeks. yep, 2 weeks only for trimester break. Looking forward for our next outing, perhaps you guys can make it in the morning / afternoon since i'm having problem to go out at night. till we meet again guys. love u!


intanurulfateha said...

love u 2 ween!

bukudiarysofea said...

2 mggu je? lama tu ! hehehhee
yah lurve u too huni..

Heidi Shafiq said...

ween sensasi monstah gila..!!!

✿ CikCimi said...

hey monster ween!

Nurul chumel said...

love u too bebeh!!
miss u so much! :')

asfz lily said...

welcome to da club..
hahaha..xde kaitan langsung..